2. Ödül, Emek, Barış, Demokrasi Anıt Meydanı ve Anma Yeri Uluslararası Fikir ve Tasarım Projesi Yarışması

2. Ödül, Emek, Barış, Demokrasi Anıt Meydanı ve Anma Yeri Uluslararası Fikir ve Tasarım Projesi Yarışması

Proje Raporu




The project competition area is determined as Ankara Train Station and its vicinity, where the assembly point of Labor, Peace and Democracy Meeting was located There is a monument called Miras mad e by the sculpture Metin Yurdanur in front of the exit door of the station building. The Youth Park, which is the first urban park of Turkey, is situated on the right side of Cumhuriyet Street, while on the left side Ankara Sport Hall is located.

Ankara Train Station and its district contain effectual meanings in terms of the experiences of the past a nd historical events. The station is one of the most important symbols of the Republic spatially, making people bring together as well as causing them to separate. The project implementation area is imprinted on the minds as it is one of the most significa nt symbols in regards to the urban planning of Ankara, establishment of the Republic, establishment of Ankara as the capital along with recalling the citizens who lost their lives in the October 10 explosion.


In the matter of designing a monument square, remembering the memory of an incident or a person is usually the first thing that comes to one s mind. However, this specific public incident imprinted on the memories as a dark day is so sorrowful that remembrance itself is not enough to qualify t he occurrence. As a matter of fact, the victims of the incident eternize the concepts of Labour Peace and Democracy which are already supposed to be prioritized by the society invariably, as the messengers of these concepts.

It is possible to define th e presence of the design proposal that is upon this complex plane, the purpose of which is to commemorate, retain and immortalize, as generating a place of remembering, understanding, and eternizing in front of Ankara Train Station, which can be considered as the heart of the city.

Neighborhood Urban Texture Interaction within the Scope of Urban Vision Principles

A variety of upper scale analyses have been carried out by taking the urban identity of the city of Ankara into consideration. In consequence of these analyses, the observation of the present state and the importance of the project implementation area in terms of its location have been determined.

A variety of act ivities have been performed in Ankara Train Station and its vicinity, where the explosion took place, from past to present, however, the place has fallen into disfavor during the recent years. It has been aimed through the instrumentality of the 10:04 Mon ument Square, which has been planned to be designed upon Democracy Square, to regenerate Ankara Train Station thus making the place to remain in the memories of the society right along with making it possible to remember the victims of the incident Moreov er, it is believed that 10:04 Monument Square planned in the explosion area will have strengthen the urban relations of the city of Ankara. The Monument Square integrated with the significant points of Ankara such as Ulus Square, Mudafa i Hukuk Square and Necmettin Erbakan Square forms a strong hallway in terms of remembering the history. Moreover, the significant historic buildings around the square and the planned monument square form an urban completeness. It has been intended to strengthen the urban image by means of passing on to the posterity through Ankara Train Station and the planned 10:04 Monument Square being reintegrated into the society by being revitalized in the historical memory with the urban contexts correlated with one another and collective memory being formed.


The aim has been i dentified as designing an original work by means of remembering and calling attention to the 103 peace pigeons that were murdered treacherously in the unity campaign on October 10, 2015, where people came together from all around the country to sustain, sh are and preserve the universal notions such as Labour Peace and Democracy” and passing it on to the posterity through earning it a place in the society’s collective memory. The constituent of the design symbolizes the embodiment of each idea that stands for immortality in the monument square built for the 103 people. The idea of pits, which was suggested on the basis of the holes that were formed as a result of the explosion that took place, symbolizes the explosion itself, while the idea of launching the se 103 people into eternity within their ideas and beliefs and the fight for which they lost their lives is represented by the water, in which they arouse.

Programing Mass within the Scope of Design Editing Space Production

In the explosion that took place in Democracy Square, located in front of Ankara Train Station, the first explosion point has been found appropriate to be the application point of the monument design due to its strategic location. The monument square, integrated with Ankara Train Station and designed in the magnitude that does not block the figure of the station building, en ables various activities to be carried out and has the potential to bring people together. Democracy Square, linking Hippodrome Street, Cumhuriyet Street and Talat Pasa Boulevard to one another, has been pedestrianized with the aim of forming completeness be tween the station and the Monument Square while the crossover road situated under Democracy Square continues to be open to traffic, used by the drivers actively. As the pedestrianized Democracy Square serves as a junction for the vehicles, a U turn situate d in the right and left side of the junction has been suggested alternatively in order to avoid traffic congestion. Furthermore, it has been decided for the roads linking Talat Pasa Boulevard to Cumhuriyet Street, and Hippodrome Street to Cumhuriyet Street t o be left open to traffic same as before. In order for the citizens to carry on with getting access to the station, the parking area located in the left side of the station building has been preserved and access to the station has been provided in this man ner. The square in front of the station building has been closed to traffic with the intent of strengthening the sense of the presence of a square by removing irregular vehicle circulation.


A Pit Originated in the Memory Cavity

The monument designed in the first explosion point in Democracy Square is 13 meters away from Ankara Train Station The monument square has been designed in the 225 centimet ers depth the ground in the explosion area where the 103 victims of the incident passed away, with reference to the idea of pits that converted the explosion into a symbolic value inspired from the holes caused by the explosion. The designed pit is in the form of a square all sides of which is measured 2 70 centimeters, its wideness is 350 centimeters from external part to inner side, its slope ratio is 5% and it is 20 centimeters above the ground to prohibit the rain waters to flood in and to remain unaffected by the environmental pollution. The side of t he square shaped construction which is towards to Ankara Train Station has been designed to function as a sitting, a staging and a resting area. This side of the construction has been designed to function in a way of rising from the floor to the 6000 centi met e r s high and descend back to the starting point. This wall has been designed in order to make the place of the station clear in the collective memory by minimizing the sense of doom caused by the explosion thereby acting as some sort of cover, along wit h functioning as a sitting, a staging and a resting area. It has been emphasised that the inner side of the pit wall is the side that reflects the strong emotions while the part that is across the station indicates the continuousness of daily life.

The entrance to the momentum is possible through the stairs or wheelchair ramp from the road across Cumhuriyet Street. The designed ramp, having a slope ratio ranging between 5% and 10% and being in accordance with universal design principles as a result, also has lighting elements located in both right and left sides. The stairs leading to the monument have been designed as 15 steps, each of them ha ving 15 centimeters of riser height. Sitting units, located on the stairs from place to place, have been offered with the intention of enabling the visitors to rest. The stated units have been designed to cover 3 steps, their height being 45 centimeters an d their width being 90 centimeters. In the area, wall coatings, starting from the first stair, continue along the wall in the shape of a stripe having the 25 centimeters width ratio with 5 centimeters gaps in between.

The pool coated with glass, which can be seen at the first glance at the end of the stairs, actually symbolizes the hour of the explosion, 10:04. The moment the visitors meet in the pool at 10:04, they will, in fact, become a part of the design by watching an endless life with the 103 vict ims of the incident. The pool, after which the monument has been named, is located on a 82 degree angle in consequence of calculating the acute angle between hour hand and minute hand of the hour explosion took place which corresponds to 10:04. Thus, a con struct has been developed, involving the idea that the time is stopped at 10:04 and the lives that have been lost will be eternized right there and then.

The Sense of Eternity – Water Feature

The water feature used in the pool represents the farewell cerem ony of the 103 victims who passed away in the explosion while the cube shaped light object inside the feature represents their lightened journey to the afterlife and their souls resting in peace. As a result of the journey, rectangular shaped forms that rise from the pool representing the three main concepts named l abour peace and democracy generated by the 103 bright ideas symbolize the bright future of ours that was bid farewell. The pool and the rising rectangular shaped prisms being water filled indica te that these 103 victims represent labour, peace and democracy in its fullest sense. In the case of any removal out of 103 lights, the water level of the pool falls as a result. The falling of the water level signifies that the concepts of labour, peace a nd democracy are impossible to be sustained even in the absence of one person out of 103 and indicates that unity and solidarity eternalize these three concepts. In other words, 103 precious lives that were lost become the representatives of labour, peace and democracy by keeping these concepts alive.

As a sign of individual representation, the names of the 103 victims have been written in the walls which rise from the elevations around the pool, preventing them to become history.

Place Attachment and Sense of Place Expanding from Individual to Community, from Subscale to Urban Scale

The 10:04 monument represents the 103 peace pigeons who have existed from past to present and who will live up to the future, coming to life eternally. The people who passed a way in the incident will be mentioned as the leaders of a sublime fight in the social memory from now onward.


It has been envisioned that the planned 10:04 Monument Square will make the space perception of people and the image of the city str onger than before. It has been aimed to make Ankara Train Station and its vicinity public property again by reviving them and to keep the ideas of the people who lost their lives as a cause of a tragic explosion alive. The main aim has been put forward as to make the next generations remember the citizens who put their lives on the line for the sake of the continuity of the fight in the urban memory and to pursue their ideals with the help of the monument square.


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