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SdARCH Trivelli & Associati works from 1997 on design and research in field of architecture, landscape and low impact technologies with clients both public and private. We work with the material and immaterial resources for an architecture that respects the general environment and the demands of the inhabitants. The sustainable architecture is the space of equilibrium between the actual and future human needs. In this way we try to understand what of what it will be in the future of our design and our built and unbuilt architecture. The immaterial and perceptive elements influence the inhabited space and our approach to the sustainable architecture, we want to try to bring them in the realization of our projects. The natural light, the energy, the relationship with the place and with the memory of the landscape and the life of the inhabitants become subject and form. We simulate the designed space with environmental simulations and we try to bring great quality of design to our projects and great comfort to whom will live them.