International Competition for the Architectural Landscape Design Concept for the Tuchkov Buyan Park in Saint Petersburg

Saint Petersburg'daki Tuchkov Buyan Parkı için düzenlenen uluslararası yarışmaya başvuru için son tarih 15 Ocak 2020.

Competition subject

The subject of the Competition is the development of a landscape architecture concept for the park, embankment, square, and adjacent streets. The concept must include landscape, city-building, planning, form-based, and architectural solutions and meet the demands of the Competition’s brief.

Competition goal

The goal of the Competition is to determine the three best landscape architectural concepts for the park that best respond to the demands of the Competition’s brief, from which two finalists and one winner of the Competition will be chosen by a ratings-based vote.

Participation in the Competition

The Competition will take place in a single stage. Russian and international landscape designers and architects are invited to participate. As part of the pre-qualification process, applicants will submit applications with information about their companies and experience in creating public spaces. Members of the Jury will select eight competitors from the first stage who will receive a detailed Сompetition’s brief for developing landscape architectural concepts.

The winner and two finalists (second and third place, respectively) will be determined by members of the Competition Jury.

Competition schedule

> 15 November Launch of open call for expressions of interest.
> 15 January Application submission deadline.
> 3–4 February First Jury session. Selection of 8 competitors.

> 5 February Beginning of the Competition. Development of Competition proposals.
> 3–6 June Announcement of Competition results at the St. Petersburg International Economic Forum.
> 14–15 May Second Jury session. Selection of the winner and two finalists.
> 8 May Submission of Competition proposals.
> 17 February Competition site visit.


> $ 60 000
The amount of the remuneration to each of the eight competitors in the Competition.

The finalists who take first, second, and third place, respectively, will additionally receive:

> First place $ 50 000
> Second place $ 30 000
> Third place $ 20 000

All amounts are exclusive of VAT.

Competition Jury

> Vladimir Grigoriev
> Boris Kirikov
> Oleg Romanov
> Sergei Tchoban
> Elena Stieglitz
> Francesco Bandarin
> Patrick Blanc
> Martin Rein-Cano
> Stefan Rotzler
> Ken Smith
> Didier Vancutsem
> Lawrence Barth
> Giovanna Carnevali
> Irene Djao-Rakitine

Regulations of the Competition

Сall for expressions of interest


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