International Architectural Competition Park “Russia”

Rusya Tema Park'ı için konsept ve finans modeli yarışması.

Objective of the Contest:

The objective of the Contest is creation of concepts and financial models of the “Russia” Theme Park and selection of the best of the submitted entries, most conformant with the Contest criteria, as well as selection of the finalists – the authors of the best Contest proposals, with the option to sign a contract to participate in the group of architects developing the project and to be engaged in the preparation of the project documentation at a later stage of implementation of the project.

Purpose of the Contest:

The purpose of the Contest is to create a final concept and financial model of the Park on the basis of the Contest proposals submitted by Contest finalists that most fully, comprehensively and convincingly demonstrate the natural, ethnic, historical and cultural diversity and richness of the Russian Federation and reflect the identity of its constituent regions in the context of their shared culture and history. The Contest proposals should cover the general urban planning, master planning, design, landscape, architectural and economic solutions for the Park as a whole and for its particular units, which should be ecologically efficient and innovative.

Aims of the Contest:

To choose the best outline architectural, design and financial solutions to develop the “Russia” Theme Park;
To identify the basic parameters of the project: the percentage of attendance, total design area, etc.;
To develop urban planning projects and landscape architectural concepts of a new unique theme park;
To find effective solutions and develop programs of activities for year round operation of the park (summer and winter concept) and to create one of the largest winter activity park;
To develop construction period forecast and the proposed phases of park commissioning (3 stages);
To perform a preliminary high-level assessment of the necessary amount of capital charges and amount of operating costs in winter and summer period, as well as an assessment of the financial performance of the project;
To develop a financial model of the “Russia” Theme Park.


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