Katılımcı (Öğrenci Kategorisi), Building 4Humanity Tasarım Yarışması

Katılımcı (Öğrenci Kategorisi), Building 4Humanity Tasarım Yarışması

Purlieu - Project Report

Refugee camps are generally temporary cities. It has a structure that can grow and expand according to the needs. Tents and prefabricated huts are preferred as shelter since the area is aimed to be established easily and quickly. Currently, these shelter solutions do not respond to the needs of asylum seekers. This refugee camp project in the Reyhanli region of Hatay, designed for the region close to the Syrian border, aims to respond to current problems. Easy and fast installation of shelters is designed on the basis of natural factors and the ability to generate energy. In addition, it was requested that the areas to be used in the building to be established be in the building. Because of these, the structure was requested to be foldable and not to spend time in the field during installation. Since the collapsible structure is brought to the site because it is already produced, it must be settled and fixed after opening. In the exact opposite case, when it is removed, it is folded in the same way and installation is provided in a different place in the camp. Another advantage of the foldability is that it is desirable to transfer the unit in a holistic manner. It was requested to be able to self-suffice with the rain water collection feature in the structure fixed to the area and to generate electricity from sunlight. Designed as a design between the buildings, the bellows are intended to be a time-consuming area and a hobby garden for the people living in the units. This is because the user people are mostly women, elderly people and children. It is aimed to carry out some activities in the organic courtyards formed in case of closure of the bellows. This also ensures that the permeable structure is closed at any time. Units are designed for basic needs. In addition to this, other requirements have been requested to be made in the high structure located in the middle part of the buildings. The reason for this is that socially people are asked to get away from war psychology by strengthening relations. In short, people were asked to socialize and not to move away from society. Common areas include training areas for women and children, language training areas for all camp members, professional training on subsequent use, dining areas, laundries, library and cafeterias for easy conversation. The objective of the unit in general is to set up quickly, to transfer easily to and from the site, to create spaces where they can socialize by thinking that people coming here instead of a compressed life are people. For this purpose, it was requested that there be a directive such as opening a market place to the places in front of their units within the area. The reason for this is the maximum level of human interaction. The market will operate with conditions such as selling or exchanging a product they have grown.

In short, the purpose of the designed units, plans and programs created was to be a place with a circulation within itself and to be seen from the outside as the area is a boutique city by minimizing dependence on outsourcing in a social life.


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