Finalist Mention, Young Architects Competitions Kid’s Factory Project

Finalist Mention, Young Architects Competitions Kid’s Factory Project

Young Architects Competitions (YAC)'ın düzenlediği uluslararası mimari tasarım yarışmasında Begüm Aksu, Berk Mutlu, Taner Keskin ve Yusuf Ertaş ekibinin finalist mansiyon ödülüne layık görülen "RUN-P" isimli projesi.

Playing is important for everyone of all ages, since life transforms and takes meaning with games. For children playing means more than just fun. Children grow, discover the world around them and adapts themselves to that world. Game is a way of communication for them. With it they manage to cope with distressful situations. Child creates mises-en-scène in the playground to reflect the life that awaits and finds ways to overcome these situations.

A route is designed which is aimed to avoid conventional space division and circulation and put both these objectives in one element. Required programs are defined in and around the route where a child can run and play and experience childhood this way the route becomes another tool of game process. The route maximises this game process and it integrates with the existing spaces of the factory. The vertical axis movement of the ramp-route, with ascension and descension creates passages and closed spaces, also serves the unpredictable nature of playground and doesn’t limit it to singular dimension.

The spaces and walls obtained by scaling up and down two-dimensional curves after all. This curve is far from being parallel. This movement of the curve gives the route an interesting property, it’s impossible to conceive the factory as a whole at once. With this property the factory also gains rediscoverability every time it is experienced. Discovery aspect is hardly lost in this scheme. Flow between spaces become a game of it’s own.

Instead of having standardised “game rooms” having a route that encourages to move and improvise the games to be played was considered to be a vital part of this design. It also doesn’t give us a firm line between in-out and open-closed spaces, which gives the idea that game continues whenever and wherever.


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