Eşdeğer 1. Ödül, ZT Ödülleri Ulusal Öğrenci Proje Yarışması 2024

Eşdeğer 1. Ödül, ZT Ödülleri Ulusal Öğrenci Proje Yarışması 2024

Sertaç Erbilgin, Zehra Çelik ve Gökalp Kalfa ekip olarak katıldıkları ZT Ödülleri Ulusal Öğrenci Proje Yarışması 2024'de Eşdeğer 1.'lik ödülü kazandı.


The coast has become idle and lonely. Today, shore in Çanakkale, Güzelyalı looks lonelier than ever. It is no longer possible to swim in the sea with pleasure, and there are no surfers catching perfect waves around. The shore is dysfunctional, materials are abandoned, and people have moved away. It all started with a call for help from the shoreline.


Life begins again on the shore the moment the first step is taken. In fact, nothing has changed on the coast, all the materials are the same; timber, sand, sea. But now it has a different life, the place is the same but has a soul. Children are building sandcastles, couples are strolling, the sea is full of surfers and swimmers. People now have a reason to use this beach, to live again.


Nature took back what was already its own. The shore became lonely again. There was only one lighthouse left, the rest was underwater. The tower in the sea illuminated the path of those who came to it throughout its life. What remained under the water gave life to millions of sea creatures. No material was idle, it was just waiting for its turn.


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