Enter-Face, Winter Stations 2022

Enter-Face, Winter Stations 2022

Cemre Önertürk ve Ege Çakır'ın Enter-Face projesi, Winter Stations Competition 2022 için önerilen ve Toronto'daki Woodbine Plajı'nda inşa edilen ödüllü 6 sahil kulübesi arasında yer alıyor.

Project Description:

The times of pandemic have changed our habits in multi-scalar aspects, but it especially affected the way of how we perceive the world outside of us. More explicitly, it shifted our communication with people, interaction with the environment and the perception of our experiences by means of a single surface: the digital screen. Via offering the isolated a new version of coexistence, these screens not only made overcoming this challenging period possible but also became indissociable parts of lives as mobile “interfaces”. The project “enter-face” aims to reveal the dramatic influence of these screens, therefore, presents a spatial atmosphere that brings people together by means of a common vision\image while isolating them physically. It proposes two dark boxes with distant holes for people to get their upper bodies inside and stay detached from one another. Within the boxes, a textured transparent surface is placed through which the distant visitors, who became a group of viewers now, watch the life outside the box as if they are spectating a never ending moving-image on a screen together.


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