Competition for the New Bauhaus Museum, Weimar

Yeni Bauhaus Müzesi Yarışması'nın ilk kademe teslimleri için son tarih 6 Ekim 2011.

Weimar owns a unique collection on the background, history and after-effects of Staatliches Bauhaus, which was founded here in 1919. In 1995 a temporary Bauhaus museum was set up. Now, thanks to a special funding programme run by the German government and the state of Thuringia, the Klassik Stiftung Weimar foundation is able to set up a new Bauhaus museum in Weimar. This project is part of the ‘Kosmos Weimar’ master plan, which covers all the foundation’s facilities, giving Weimar the opportunity to set a succinct example in terms of architecture and urban development.

This competition is for planning this new building for Weimar Bauhaus Museum. The purpose of the competition is to find the best solution both for the new Bauhaus museum itself and for the location’s urban development potential.

A key aspect of the first stage of the competition will be the development of a fundamental design concept, selecting a suitable location within the competition site and tackling the open spaces surrounding it in the context of urban planning. Furthermore, the urban design concept in Stage 1 is to include an appraisal of sites for a possible future museum extension and a kindergarten.

In the second stage of the competition the focus is on working in greater detail on the architectural and interior concept of the new museum building.

The solution to the task is expected to fit in with urban planning, be architecturally innovative and sustainable, save energy and stand up to museological requirements.
The funding body can provide the following budget for the construction of Weimar’s new Bauhaus museum: cost of construction alone = sum for building (cost groups 300 + 400): 14 500 000 EUR gross.

The competition is being announced as an international, open, two-stage architectural competition according to German regulations on design competitions (RPW 2008). After the initial open stage, the jury will select 25–30 finalists for the second stage. The entire process is anonymous. The competition languages are German and English.

Further information can be obtained at: Schubert Horst Architekten Partnerschaft
Antonstraße 16
Attn: Ms. Moeller
01097 Dresden
Tel. +49 3514592919

Prizes (all prizes incl. value-added tax; net sums in parenthesis)

1st prize 55 000,00 EUR (46 218,49 EUR)
2nd prize 45 000,00 EUR (37 815,13 EUR)
3rd prize 32 500,00 EUR (27 310,92 EUR)
4th prize 20 000,00 EUR (16 806,72 EUR)
5th prize 10 000,00 EUR (8 403,36 EUR)
For commendations: a total of 6 500,00 EUR (5 462,18 EUR).

The judging panel is entitled to award the prize money in a different manner if its decision is unanimous.


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