Honorable Mention, Shelter For Soul International Design & Installation Competition

Honorable Mention, Shelter For Soul International Design & Installation Competition

Shelter For Soul International Design & Installation Competition'da, Yunus Emre Karataş ve Selin Atacı'nın mansiyon ödülü kazandıkları proje.




The house is a second larger body that surrounds human, and he just doesn\’t see; it also hears and feels. That grows in daylight, sleeps in the calm of the night; with the whisper of the wind, it even sees a dream. Does not it return to nature, where everything started; you leave behind the city in dreams that you don’t belong?

Adapting to the rhythm of the universe is one of the things that heal human beings and give hope. It is just being able to leave and hear the rhythm of the universe…

The aim of the project and the target user is to emphasize that homeless people who are somehow isolated from urban life or who have not been able to get a place have the chance to return to their nests in nature before a civilization established by all mankind and that hope and devotion to life can be ensured by being included in this frequency of the universe.

The doors of a shelter where the wings are not closed to pass through the doors, the heads are not bent to avoid hitting the ceiling, and the walls collapse are the morning mist, the windows are the songs and the silence of the wind.


Perforated bamboos are designed to activate multiple senses and communicate with the universe and the area where it lives, and the wind is intended to dance in space and turn into a voice of nature.

The three main wooden circles forming the supporting frame of the structure enter into the 3 slits forming the floor platform and form a structure system which rises over the floor. It provides a closed volume by connecting all the circles to each other in the bamboos passing through the slots in the wooden circles.

Emphasizing the relaxing and calming effects of sound and wind on the human soul, it refers to the design-sense-human-space relationship. The shelter is a great nature instrument where the musician is the wind. 360 degree rotating perforated bamboos provide the sound and texture of the wind to be sensed in the space.


A person who was born into urban life and defined himself with music when he was a “grown child…He who earns his living by making music on the edge of a crowded and wide street in the chaos of the city, consuming life by turning his nights into a day in a street of that street. The people who pass through the melodies that interfere with the frequency and rhythm of the universe are tired of running out of the pile. While others call him “homeless\”, she is a person who has the intention of returning to the place where mankind belongs to leave himself to the voice of nature, the frequency of the universe. He meets a shelter that can bring all this closer to reality. Who do you think is the real homeless?


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