The 2012 World of Color Awards

Ödüllere başvurmak için son tarih 16 Mart 2012.

Architects, interior designers, glass fabricators, glazing engineers and other industry professionals will be recognized for their awe-inspiring architectural design projects that demonstrate creativity and forward-thinking uses of colored glass made with the Vanceva color interlayer system.

In 2000, the Solutia Design Awards was born to honor architects and automotive designers whose use of laminated colored glass, made with Vanceva® interlayers, was deemed the best among entrants with special consideration for the following criteria:

1. Creative use of laminated color glass
2. Relation to new and developing applications of laminated glass
3. Overall aesthetics of project
4. Degree of attention paid to laminated glass benefits

Today, as the creative use of color in design continues to grow, Solutia is proud to host the World of Color AwardsTM – Inspired by Vanceva. Focusing on architects, interior designers, glass fabricators, glazing engineers and other industry professionals for their innovative use of colored laminated safety glass in building design and interior spaces, the contest and the conversations around it are meant to inspire, educate and showcase greatness in architectural design around the world.

An Open Call for Entries
The World of Color AwardsTM – Inspired by Vanceva is open to all professional architects, interior designers, glass fabricators, engineers and other industry professionals.

Any individual or group of individuals contributing to the design of a project may submit a nomination.

Multiple entries from an individual or group are acceptable.

Solutia employees and Solutia customers may also make nominations.

Winning projects or honorable mentions from previous Solutia competitions are not eligible for consideration.

Solutia reserves final decision on eligibility and accepts no liability in this regard.

Important Dates for Your Entry
Design and architectural projects must have been completed between January 1, 2008 and
December 31, 2011 to be considered for this contest.

Entry Deadline – Submissions will close on March 16, 2012 at 11:59 p.m. CST

Entry Rules and Requirements
All entries must include the liberal use of Vanceva laminated color glass products.

When submitting a nomination, please include a descriptive overview explaining the inspiration and vision for the project.

Include detailed photography of the glazing used in the project, as well as several additional photos that portray the overall scope of the project. Interior and exterior views are preferred, if possible.

Design studio sketches, drawings and renderings that help communicate the location, form and function of the glazing in the overall design are also strongly encouraged.

Winners will be determined by a jury panel made up of leaders from the international architectural and design industry.

No entry fees are required.

Solutia reserves the right to publish submitted materials at their discretion. Winners must agree to transfer to Solutia and/or its assignees the rights to use these materials by accepting the Submitted Materials Use License in the registration section.


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