Temporary Shelter & Urban Mobility

7 Ekim Dünya Barınma Günü etkinlikleri çerçevesinte İTÜ Konut Uygulamaları ve Arşatırma Merkezi ile İTÜ Mimarlık Fakültesi işbirliğiyle düzenlenen yarışmaya son başvuru tarihi 30 Eylül.

The United Nations has designated the first Monday of October every year as World Habitat Day. Various activities are organized in many countries. This year, World Habitat Day will be celebrated on October 7, 2013. The idea is to reflect on the state of our towns and cities and the basic rights of all to adequate shelter. It is also intended to remind the world of its collective responsibility for the future of human habitat.
The United Nations theme for 2013 is Urban Mobility. The ITU Center for Housing Research and Development collaborating with ITU Faculty of Architecture and the Architectural Design and Typology Working Group are organizing this competition with the theme, “Temporary Shelter and Urban Mobility” for World Habitat Day 2013.

All posters which are granted an award and/or selected for exhibition will be exhibited and then published in a catalogue.

1. Aim of the Competition

The 21st century is withnessing considerable movement of people from one place to another for economic, socio-cultural and/or political reasons by intra- and inter-urban mobility. During this dynamic movement big cities also are facing increasing challenges in terms of urban mobility. Consequently today big cities have to meet people’s need for temporary shelter due to many reasons such as natural disasters, wars and changing lifestyles. This competition aims to explore the relationship of dynamic lifestyle, temporary housing and urban mobility based on needs, challenges and different habitat scenarios.

2. Rules of Participation

  • Competition is open to undergraduate and graduate students who study architecture, planning, landscape architecture, industrial design, interior architecture, graphic design and fine arts both in Turkey and Northern Cyprus.
  • Each competitor may make no more than three individual entries.
  • Posters must be original in terms of visual materials and text parts; it must not be copied as a whole or in part from any published sources. If a poster is found not to be original, either during the evaluation or after the announcement of results, it will be excluded from the competition and any award will be withdrawn. Violations of this requirement mean that any legal liability belongs solely to those who submit posters.

Participation entry form can be found at www.arkitera.com, www.kolokyum.com, www.tasarimyarismalari.com and www.hrec.itu.edu.tr

3. Competition Calendar

Announcement of Competition September 2 Monday 2013
Final Submission Date September 30 Monday 2013 by 17.00, HREC-136, Taskisla
Evaluation October 1-4 2013
Award Ceremony October 7 Monday 2013 at 17.00, Hall 109, Taskisla
Exhibition October 7-14 2013 Venus Hall

4. Confidentiality

  • All posters will be submitted and evaluated by keeping their identities confidential.
  • Posters will be coded with five digits by the participants and the jury will recognize the posters via these identity codes.
  • After the jury evaluation and specification of the awards identity envelopes will be opened and prize winners will be announced at the ceremony.
  • All accepted posters will be exhibited at Venus Hall, Taskisla.
  •  ITU Center for Housing Research and Development will have the copyright of all submitted posters.

5. Submission Requirements


Participants will submit a vertical A2 size [420 x 594mm – portrait] thick cardboard or foam board and a design report of a maximum of 200 words in English [A4 paper].

Poster language should be in English.

Participants must provide a five digit identity code for each entry.

Each poster board will have 2 cm high blank strip on top. On this strip there will be written:

  • logo of ITU Centre for Housing Research & Development
  • HABITAT logo
  • ITU faculty of architecture, architectural design & typology working group
  • ID code box of 1x5cm [see the poster layout].

There is no limitation on presentation technique.

Applications which do not meet the rules of the competition will be disqualified.


A CD/DVD which has a digital copy of the poster in jpg (300dpi) or pdf format with the 5 digit identity code of entry will also be submitted in an A4 “identity envelope” in order to assist with publication.

identity envelope

Each poster submitted should have an “identity envelope”. This envelope must be a closed A4 size envelope and its digital code will be placed on the right hand side top corner to match the poster board.
“Identity envelope” will consist of

  • Attached “Participation form” which comes with this guideline
  • Copy of student ID card of the applicant
  • CD given the details stated above
  • Design Report of maximum 200 words in English explaining design concept of the poster

All documents mentioned above will be submitted no later than 17.00 on September 30 Monday 2013 at ITU Faculty of Architecture, ITU Center for Housing Research and Development, room 136, Taskisla-34437, ISTANBUL. If submitting by mail, the package must also be received by September 30th.

6. Prizes

First Prize 2.000 tl
Second Prize 1.000 tl
Third Prize 500 tl
Honorable Mention1 250 tl
Honorable Mention2 250 tl

7. Jury Members

Aytanga DENER
Mehmet ERKÖK
Tomas OOMS
Jean François PEROUSE

Reporter: Meltem Baslo, baslo@itu.edu.tr, hrec@itu.edu.tr Any questions can be submitted by e-mail.

8. Exhibition and Publishing

All posters which are granted an award and/or accepted for exhibition will be exhibited between October 7-14 2013 in Venus Hall, Taskisla Campus and then published in a catalogue.


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