Star Wars: Lunar Base

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ARQUITECTUM has decided to choose one of the most interesting themes in popular culture in order to consider one of the most attractive aspects of modernity: space platforms. That is why we are pleased to be able to invite designers, Graduates and Professionals throughout the world to participate in the ideas competition “STAR WARS®: LUNAR BASE” and to propose, according to each individual point of view, the best way to approach a project on that desolate and inhospitable satellite which is the moon.

The idea behind this ARQUITECTUM initiative lies in the challenge of renovating the architectural imagery of what is a highly popular subject, leaving it to artists (architects, industrial designers, artistic designers or other individuals from the art world) to give –based on their own experience- their opinion regarding characters from popular culture and how to produce architecture through them.

The aim of the project is to create a new “Lunar Base for the Rebel Alliance” (the good guys) capable of confronting the “Galactic Empire”. The “Lunar Base” must be located on the earth satellite: the Moon. No program, specific site, size in square meters has been established, but we recommend that the following be included: • Landing deck for spacecraft • Control and observation center • Crew quarters • Hangar and maintenance facilities for spacecraft

The objectives of the “STAR WARS®: LUNAR BASE” competition are: • To attract the interest of specialist critics throughout the world regarding the new architectural proposals and ideas of those who will form the new generation of architects. • The winning project will be presented at the “STAR WARS CELEBRATION” to be held in Florida from August 23th to 26th, 2012, so that it can be demonstrated that architects are capable of replacing artistic directors for such work in the movies.

The Rebel Alliance Lunar Base is stationed on the moon. Because this is en emblematic project set in a desolate place, competitors are invited to explore their imagination and creativity to produce a formal design, so that it can be presented at the “Star Wars Celebration VI” ( in Florida, next year. The ideal outcome would be for the quality of the design to be recognized, thereby pointing to the possibility of artists working in different media competing with the creative directors of Lucas Films.

THE SITE: The Moon The “STAR WARS®: LUNAR BASE” may be located on any part of the surface of the moon, although we recommend that the “dark side” be selected, rather than the side visible from Earth.


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