St. Petersburg Pier International Design Competition

St. Petersburg İskelesi Uluslararası Tasarım Yarışması'na son başvuru tarihi 8 Temmuz 2011.

The City of St. Petersburg Florida is sponsoring an international design competition for the redesign and replacement of its landmark Pier. This competition is to replace the most visible landmark in the history of the City, redefine what it should be, and give it a new identity within the framework of an evolving downtown edge.

An integral part of the competition is developing a vision for the entire Pier, from Bay Shore Drive North East on the western end of the Pier approach to the end of the Pier Head over Tampa Bay. Inherent in this vision is the ability to conceive a design that is practical and sustainable from both an environmental and fiscal standpoint, affordable within the parameters of the established budget, one which provides flexibility for future uses, and is highly certain of securing complex environmental permitting.

The scope includes diagrammatic planning for the overall project to be accomplished in phases, and specific planning and design for the area over the water to be accomplished within a $45 Million budget. Submissions by multi-disciplinary design Teams are envisioned and local participation or collaboration with Tampa Bay area Architectural, Planning and Engineering design firms is encouraged.

Competition Information
This is an international, two (2)-stage design competition. The first stage is to solicit qualified Teams, evaluate their qualifications and select the Teams to be invited to the second stage. The second stage is the design competition submission to select a design concept and Team to execute the design. The City has appointed a five (5) member Jury to review and judge the submittals at both stages.

Stage 1 – Registration and Statements of Qualification (SOQ)
Download – Stage1: Statement of Qualifications
St. Petersburg Pier International Design Competition Registration Form

Interested Design Teams are welcome to submit qualifications and portfolios of accomplishments that demonstrate the Team’s vision and design approach, as well as the capability and experience of the Team. Registration is required by July 8, 2011. This is to be followed by submittal of a detailed SOQ, review by the Jury and development of a “long list” of 10 qualified Teams, and the selection by the Jury of three (3) Teams most qualified and appropriate to advance to the design competition stage.

Stage 2 – Design Concept Submission In the second stage the three (3) short listed Teams will be invited to participate in a design concept development phase followed by a period of Jury review, third party technical review and public presentations of the design concepts. The Teams invited to participate in Stage 2 will be given more detailed design parameters followed by a two (2) day briefing and ten (10) weeks to prepare a vision and concept for the project.

The Team must address the requirements of the competition design parameters in sufficient detail to provide insight into the design team’s approach and vision for the St. Petersburg Pier and integration into the city, the ability to meet the project budget, the complexity of environmental permitting, and the technical ability of the Team to implement the concept if selected.

The result of the Competition is the selection of a conceptual design and a capable design team. The design concepts submitted are assumed to be an appropriate point of beginning from which the City can select essential components and begin to move forward with the development of specific elements of the concept, within the context of an overall vision for the Pier. Therefore, it is assumed that the selected design concept will evolve once the more detailed design phase begins.


Stage 1:
Invitation to proceed onto Stage 2 for a maximum of three (3) Teams.

Stage 2:
Each of the three (3) Teams will be awarded a stipend in the lump sum amount of $50,000 U.S. dollars which will be payable upon submittal of the final Stage 2 deliverables and it will be accepted by each Design Team as the full compensation relative to the Competition for all labor and expenses related to the Competition submittals. The City will retain ownership of all concepts, ideas and materials developed in the preparation of the submittals and set forth therein. The selected Team will negotiate a design contract with the City to commence the detailed design. The respective agreement will be signed under the terms and conditions established in the following Architect and Engineering Agreement . Registration implies acceptance of the attached agreement.


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