Slide Design Competition 2012

Slide Design Yarışması'na son başvuru tarihi 29 Şubat 2012.

Be “The Designer” of the coolest new water park attraction in town.

Slide Design is a brand new Architecture and design competition concept.

Aimed at Architects, Landscape Architects, Designers, Artists, Engineers and thinkers of all backgrounds.

To give fresh new talent the opportunity to design and build a new outdoor water Park slide attraction. and the opportunity to win $20,000 and a Design contract to build the architectural creation in Dubai.

This is a stage one Concept development Proposal request (CDP), and winners will work with our dedicated Engineering team at the office or via internet communication thereafter i stage-(2) upon successful completion of this second stage the commission for the project will stand at 9% of the building cost.

This is an exciting opportunity to Design the next super-water creation. And truly put something beautiful into the world of water parks.

Registration Deadline: February 29th.

Submission Deadline: March 31st.

Your task is to research the world of beautiful waterslide designs and use your creativity and imagination to design a brand new attraction

(1) The size of the plot for this new attraction ( site ) is 1220m x 610m and will have a height limit of 36 meters. Your attraction must fit within this field.

(2) Drawings must include Plans, Sections and Elevations with renderings and perspective images.

(3) Have fun and imagine the most fun and thrilling ride you can think of any size, any type, any budget.


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