SCA Packaging Design Challenge: LEGO Challenge

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The LEGO Group is a privately held company based in Billund, Denmark and the world’s fourth largest manufacturer of play materials. The history of the company goes back till 1932 when it was founded by Ole Kirk Kristiansen.Today it provides toys, experiences and teaching materials for children in more than 130 countries.

Introduction to LEGO Challenge
For the third edition of Design Challenge, LEGO is challenging you to come up with an innovative packaging storage system that could replace the current Bricks & More box solutions. Bricks & More is the main recruitment line to the LEGO assortment. The product line is found at the heart of core LEGO and represents the classic brick building experience. The line covers both the LEGO DUPLO and the LEGO platform.

The products that can be found in the Bricks & More box solutions offer a good mix of standard bricks and play starters (figures, chassis, and animals) to ignite the child’s imagination. Inspirational material can be found on the packaging and most sets also include a poster or easy-to-follow building instructions.

Main requirements
Your task is to explore different options that can potentially replace the current Bricks & More storage boxes, keeping in mind following requirements:

Your concept needs to convince parents and gift givers of delivering great functionality and permanent storage (in store and at home). This means that your concept needs to be durable so it will survive a child’s play life (at least 5 years).LEGO stands for imagination, creativity, fun, learning, caring and quality. These brand values we also want to see translated in your concept design.Signal FUN and LEGO towards the children.

We encourage you to think beyond the package!

The packaging concepts must take into account the entire value chain: From production line to distribution centres, to the retail store and all the way through to kids’ rooms (kids age 4-7).We would like to see a solution that does not only look great but adds to the product price/value perception.A new concept that has significant stopping power in the stores and attracts the attention of the shoppers.An efficient packaging system that works for the customers – the products are to be placed with other LEGO products on the shelves but also as stand alone promotions on the floor.Leave the lowest environmental footprint as possible.Think about how to keep the complexity down

Material & European Safety Standards
The current Bricks & More storage boxes are made out of plastic. You are free to choose any material, as long as you keep the sustainability aspect in mind. Cost and ease of production are also considered as important factors.

As you will be developing a product for children, please take into account all the European Toy Safety Standards when choosing your material.

Judging criteria (in order of importance)
Consumer experience:
1. Functionalities such as permanent storage, durability and stackability are must haves.
2. LEGO look & feel; colourful and playful – exciting for the kids
3. Safe and fulfilling the LEGO standards with LEGO quality feel
4. Presenting models & bricks inside in a nicely way
5. Standing out in store

6. Choice of packaging material
7. Amount of raw materials used for the packaging
8. Ease of disposal and recycling

9. Can it be taken into production – Can this be the new LEGO Bricks & More storage box?

Artwork submission of your concept
All material needs to be in English.

You will provide us with your full contact details: full name, email, telephone number, address, & country, age and curriculum details (university or school and study programme).

Pitch your idea and convince the jury with your creative and conceptual work. Use the provided PowerPoint template “DC-03-LEGO-YOUR-PROJECT-NAME.ppt” to visualise your artwork and present it the jury.

You are also allowed to make use of new media to support your concept:

Design Challenge community:
Fan pages:

For Deliverable 1 & 2 you have to make use of the provided template that can be supported by video.

PowerPoint template:
• Save your concept as “DC-03-LEGO-YOUR-PROJECT-NAME.ppt
• Maximum 12 slides
• Maximum 5 MB

• Maximum length of 3 minutes
• Maximum size of 50 MB
• File types allowed are: mp4/ avi/ flv/ mpg/ swf/ wmv

Latest by Sunday 4th of December 2011 you have to send all your artwork to


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