Rethinking Urbanity

European planners are invited to share their best projects, to be exhibited in Austria's architecture centre Az W in Vienna.

The criteria’s for selection are social and ecological sustainability. Amongst the presenter 3-5 teams will be selected to create a future-proof concept of social inclusion and affordable living for the urban fringe within the city, Vienna’s Felberstraße. The workshop is wonderland’s first Architect in Residency program and will be realised within the wonderlab Vienna in August 2013. The exhibition and the workshop follow the idea to find sustainable and social development strategies in on-site workshops, lectures and open discussions which can lead to new practices in new effective cross-border and cross-discipline co-operations.


Looking for innovative solutions for the urban fringe of Vienna/AT

Planning professionals or late master students of architecture, urban planning, landscaping, urban sociology etc. are requested to hand in their best realized/unrealized project. They will be exhibited in wonderlab, wonderland’s new exhibition format to be shown the first time in August at Architekturzentrum Wien in Vienna/AT. Depending on the skills and approaches of the participants an international Architect in Residency team will be selected to work on a future proof-vision and concept for the fringed Felberstraße in Vienna. Local experts will accompany the 8 days workshop and help in the development of an innovative and sustainable strategy for the projected area.

Deadline for submission 16th of June, 2013​
​The jury will select the participants/teams of the workshop and the curator team will select the projects for the exhibition according the following criteria’s:

Conceptual potential of the drafted scenario or research field

Innovation of the selected design strategy or methodology for the research work
Social and/or spatial impact of the proposed project
Inclusion of stakeholders in the project
Participation strategy in your work

Time Schedule
Sunday, 16th of June 2013 Submit your project proposal
End of June 2013 Selection of the participants/teams
Mid July 2013 curation of the projects for the exhibition
7th –15th ofAugust 2013 wonderlab-workshop at AZW / Vienna
7th –25th ofAugust 2013 wonderlab exhibition at AZW / Vienna

The project page can be consulted for more informations and the full callpaper and application forms can be downloaded from the website

Bahanur Nasya l Head of Organisation l [email protected]

WONDERLAND – platform for european architecture
Weyringergasse 36/8 l 1040 Vienna / Austria l +43 680 32 599 06


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