International Ideas Competition: The Design of The Surrounding Area of The Ancient Theatre A’ In Larissa, Greece

Yunanistan'ın Teselya bölgesine bağlı Larissa Belediyesi, şehirdeki antik tiyatroyu aktif olarak kent yaşamına dahil edecek proje önerileri için bir uluslararası yarışma düzenleniyor. Son kayıt tarihi 19 Kasım 2021.

Theme and Objectives

Competitors are invited to submit proposals for the transformation of an inactive ancient open-air theatre dating from the 3rd century BC into a point of reference and identity for the modern city of Larissa, the fourth-most populous urban center in Greece. The Ancient Theatre A’, the largest in Thessaly-Central Greece, was built on the slope of Larissa’s Fortress hill, or “Frourio’’, the fortified citadel of the ancient city, for an audience capacity of 10000. Following an almost complete recent excavation, the theatre will soon be fully functional.

Connecting it to the contemporary city and its landmarks will necessitate the redesigning of the surrounding area. The renovation and redesign of the monument at the heart of Larissa, combined with the restoration of its functionality, will bring global recognition and visitors from around the world.

The competition is endorsed by the UIA and will be conducted according to the UNESCO Regulations and the UIA best practice recommendations.


The Competition is open to architects from all countries entitled to practice in their country of residence. Due to the complexity and size of the competition site, multidisciplinary teams, including specialists in landscape, urban design, and planning, archaeology, history, sociology, led by (an) architect(s), are encouraged.

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