Daegu Kansong Art Museum International Design Competition

Daegu Kansong Art Museum International Design Competition'a başvuru için son tarih 18 Aralık.


As the first domestic permanent exhibition space of the Kansong Art Museum, the Daegu Kansong Art Museum is expected to serve not only as an archive of our national cultural heritage, but also as a national cultural landmark. Hence, it is the aim of this design competition to select an exceptional design for the museum.

Competition Type

In an open call for architects to be commissioned (commissioned architects) to participate in this project, local and overseas architects are eligible to apply. Three teams will be selected; they will join 3 other teams (1 local team; 2 overseas teams), composed of appointed architects. Consequently, a sum total of 6 teams will be selected to participate in the design competition.

Physical Scope

• The physical scope of the design is indicated in the numerical map provided. Applicants will plan their design for the defined physical site.
• For more information regarding the design site, please refer to Section III. Project Overview of Part 2. Project Site in the Rules & Guidelines.

Competition Host & Operating Team

• Host : Daegu Metropolitan Government Culture and Arts Policy Division (Tel: +82- 53-803-3761)
• Competition Operating Team : Kerb Associates (Tel: +82-70-7723-3265)

Official Website & E-Mail

• Website : www.daegukansong.kr (hereafter, Website)
• E-Mail : [email protected] (hereafter, E-Mail)

Operational Language & Measuring Unit

• The official language used for this competition is Korean and English, and the measuring unit is SI Metric System.

Professional Committee

• Jeong-Seop Kong – Korea Institute of Registered Architects, Daegu / G&A Architect Engineers & Supervisor Co., Ltd.
• In-San Baek – Kansong Art and Culture Foundation
• Kwang-Hwan Lee – Haeahn Architecture
• Sang-Hong Lee – Dept. of Architecture, Kyungpook National University / IKAUS
• Chae-Jin Lim – School of Architecture, Hongik University
• In-Geon Chun – Kansong Art and Culture Foundation
• Joon-Young Choi – Dept. of Architecture and Interior Design, Keimyung College University

Jury Committee

• Seog-Won Kang – Between Buildings / Hongik University
• Jin-Ho Moon – DMP Partners
• Mladen Jadric – Vienna University of Technology
• Sung-Won Jung – Sejong University
• Jae-Pil Choi – Seoul National University
• Kwang-Hwan Lee – Haeahn Architecture Preliminary Juror

Appointed Architects

• Alvaro Siza Vieira – Alvaro Siza Vieira
• Richard Rogers – Rogers Stirk Harbour + Partners & Ab Rogers Design Consortium
• Seong-Ryeong Cho – UBAC


Open Call for Commissioned Architects
• Announcement – 26. NOV. 2019 (TUES) Open call posted on website
• Submit Inquiries – 26. NOV. 2019 (TUES) ~ 03. DEC. 2019 (TUES) 18:00 Receive through e-mail
• Response to Inquiries – 11. DEC. 2019 (WED) Batch posting on website
• Submit Team Document – 16. DEC. 2019 (MON) ~ 18. DEC. 2019 (WED) 18:00 Submit by e-mail
• Select Teams to be Commissioned – 20. DEC. 2019 (FRI) Open selection of 3 teams
• Announce Commissioned Teams – 23. DEC. 2019 (MON) Post on website. Then, separately inform each individual selected to join the teams

Design Competition
• Announcement – 23. DEC. 2019 (MON) Post on website
• Submit Inquiries – 06. JAN. 2020 (MON) ~ 15. JAN. 2020 (WED) 18:00 Receive via E-mail
• Response to Inquiries – 22. JAN. 2020 (WED) Batch post on website
• Design Submission – 25. MAR. 2020 (WED) Via E-mail or submit on site
• Technical Review – 27. MAR. 2020 (FRI) Technical review prior to design evaluation
• Design Evaluation – 31. MAR. 2020 (TUES) Final Evaluation / Select Winning Design
• Announce Winning Design – 31. MAR. 2020 (TUES) Post on website


The honorarium for the design competition is 36,000,000 KRW for local participants, and 46,000,000 KRW for overseas participants.

Winning Design: Contract Award for Design Development and Construction
2nd Place
3rd Place                local participants 36,000,000 KRW
4th Place                overseas participants 46,000,000 KRW
5th Place
6th Place

Rules Guideline


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