Cronton Design Competition

Cronton Design Competition'a proje teslim teslim tarihi 15 Şubat 2012.

They have launched an international competition to find the most inspirational design and funding team to create a new visitor destination and public open space at the former Cronton Colliery in Knowsley.

The competition is open to architects and architect-led multi-disciplinary design teams and is being run by the Land Trust in association with RIBA Competitions. The competition will be in two stages, judged anonymously in the first stage. A shortlist will then be invited to enhance and present their designs and potential funding propositions at interview as part of the second stage.

It is our intention to identify an architect or team who is able to demonstrate an empathy and understanding of the site based on its past and future contexts, as set out in this brief, and in line with our vision and values.

To enter the competition please click on the RIBA competitions link.


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