Katılımcı, Viewpoint of the Fjords (VOF), Norway

Katılımcı, Viewpoint of the Fjords (VOF), Norway

Project Report

Norwegian fjords are places where human-nature interaction is very strong. The theme of aim design is originsted from the idea to emphasize this interaction. The spot has been choosen as Geiranger which is in the UNESCO World Heritage List the route has been set which can be seen from 7 Sisters Waterfall.

With in the route relations between human-nature and nature-structure has been built.

Whose aim goal is for the user to explore the nature.

Availability has been made possible with the structure inspired by reindeers.

This structure enables uses to experience different aspect of nature.

Through the different angled columns the structure has adopted to different landscapes easily. By elevating the structure, the interfering with the land has been minimized. So as to protect the nature.


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