WhU – İzmir Beach

Nobon ve Treignac Projet'nin birlikte düzenlediği, mimarlık ve sanatta kesişen soruların cevaplandığı atölye serisinin üçüncüsü 15 Mayıs'ta, İzmir'de başlıyor. Başvurular için son tarih 11 Mayıs, etkinlik dili İngilizce.

This nine-day workshop will examine the depth and impact that thinking architecture through the anthropocene might have for future architectural and arts practice.

It will seek to go beyond the attempted stabilizations that sustainability oriented architecture promises, in order to look at our current period of economic, political and ecological instability as an opportunity to re-figure architectural practice for uncertain futures.

Participants will work in a small team through presentations, site visits and group-working with concepts being collectively elaborated through the week, to deliver initial proposals applying the problematics of the anthropocene to physical sites.

There is no charge for the program but participants must look after their own expenses and accommodation.

Before 11/05/2014, participants should send an e-mail to [email protected] including following information:

name-surname; phone number, occupation, website (if there is any)


15th PM: city excursion & evening intro party

  • Day 1 – 16th morning

introduction to issues concerning Architecture in the anthropocene: Design constraints on problem solving, feedback loops, phase-change in human behaviour…

Participant & team introductions with presentations of personal projects

  • Day 2 – 17th (saturday, informal)

Congregate at beach-front to locate potential sites and situations (mode: flash mob)

  • Day 3 – 18th (sunday, informal)

Wider visits to different parts of the city and transformation of coastline – discussions held during the travel

  • Day 4 – 19th workshop day (national holiday)

Initial discussion to identify three topics> break into groups to work through allocated topics> groups present outcomes> synthesis> new groups… This process will make use of simple diagramming as a way to present ideas and make it easier to synthesise later.

  • Day 5 – 20th workshop day + evening talk

continue process of generating issues and synthesis
Presentation 1: Within Practice (see below) + discussions

  • Day 6 – 21th workshop day + evening talk / Screening

continue process of generating issues and synthesis
Presentation 2: Low Density Objects (see below) + discussions
Screening Fabien Giraud & Rafael Sidon; The Unmanned

  • Day 7 – 22th workshop day + orientation to finalize
  • Day 8 – 23th finalize the targeted medium + party

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