ULI EUROPE: Real Estate Trends Conference 2013

Etkinlik, 18-19 Haziran 2013 tarihlerinde Londra'da yapılıyor.

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Hosted by Siemens in their East London state of the art centre for urban sustainability and future cities, the Crystal, this conference will explore the mega trends in sustainability, housing, infrastructure, finance and technology that are creating a SHIFT in city development and real estate investment.

At a glance:
18th June Conference Dinner at Gibson Hall, City of London
19th June Conference Day at the Crystal, East London

Morning programme:
Keynote session: “Aeropolis – connectivity, the new currency” with Greg Lindsey, the author of the international best seller “Aeropolis: The Way We’ll Live Next”;

Contributing Writer, Fast Company magazine; Visiting Scholar, New York University

Panel discussion: “When do major infrastructure project provide opportunities for the private sector?”

Keynote session: “Smart Cities”
Find out what the advances in technology are, how they will change cities and affect users and what the impact on the real estate industry will be.

Panel discussion: “Technology, cities and real estate”
Technology as the driver of new economies and business models. What physical infrastructure is required to accommodate the growing TMT sector in Europe and how can the property sector make the most of opportunities?


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