The Un(Commons) as Cartographic Explorations of Urban Space

Dr. Büşra Dilaveroğlu, Burcu Nimet Dumlu ve Dr. Tülay Erenoğlu Karakaş tarafından düzenlenen "The Un(Commons) as Cartographic Explorations of Urban Space" workshop etkinliği, 4 Haziran - 14 Haziran 2024 tarihleri arasında, çevrimiçi olarak yapılacak.

Bu sene Londra Mimarlık Festivali’nde yer alan “The Un(Commons) as Cartographic Explorations of Urban Space” workshop etkinliği çağrıya açıldı.

Workshop, Londra’da Royal College of Art Mimarlık Okulu’nda doktora sonrası araştırmalarını yürüten Dr. Büşra Dilaveroğlu, Tokyo’da Keio Üniversitesi, Medya Tasarım Okulu’nda doktora araştırmasını sürdüren Burcu Nimet Dumlu ve İstanbul’da bağımsız araştırmacı olarak çalışmalarını yürüten Dr. Tülay Erenoğlu Karakaş tarafından düzenleniyor.

“Join us to reflect on emerging (un)commons! Let’s be inclusive together!

The workshop reimagines the city to be more equitable and accessible for all inhabitants.

Cities today are designed to create a sense of community for everyone, both humans and non-humans. It emerges as a product of community (communis) rooted in the notion of commons. The concept of the city revolves around uniting people and facilitating the sharing of resources. Architecture has always played a role in promoting inclusivity and democracy by facilitating the sharing of common spaces throughout history. The development of cities with capitalist economies and shifts in power dynamics have presented challenges for the resources and spaces we share in our communities. As a result, modern cities are experiencing a transformation in how shared spaces are designed, originally aimed at promoting inclusivity.

The workshop will explore the disappearance of common spaces in different urban areas in the UK. Participants from various cities can get involved using Google Street View or visiting a public space in their neighborhood.

Anyone with a background in design, architecture, or related fields is welcome to join. All you need is a smartphone and/or computer to participate in the workshop. At the end of the Festival, all the creations will be showcased in a virtual exhibition on binbirgüzergah’s digital platform.

For more information, please visit the workshop website.

Please reserve your spot via eventbrite.”


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