The Organic Architecture Seminars International Workshop

Atölye çalışması, Mimar Reinhard Coppenrath'ın katılımıyla 2-8 Eylül 2011 tarihleri arasında İzmir’in ilçesi Urla’da bir villada gerçekleşecek.

The Organic Architecture Seminars International Workshop on Architecture & Intuition will be about how to open your own creative potential. It will provide design training on how to apply Practical Intuition to the architectural profession as well as many other fields in life. The course will provide design methods which grow out of an awareness of inner intention and are generated by a conversation with the three main sources of architecture: Nature (or Site), Function and People.

The themes of exploration are:
– What is Practical Intuition?
– How can we develop a practical method for exercising our organ of intuition?
– Learning how to communicate with the Genus Loci – The Spirit of Place
– Finding the balance between the Eastern and Western consciousness
– Exploring Male and Female energies
– The Living House – bringing the soul into the building

The workshop includes:
– On-site ‘listening’ and observation exercises
– Slide presentations of Organic Architecture
– Creative methods and approaches for design
– Consciousness, meditation, visualization and body exercises
– Sculptural model making and drawing techniques
– Meal and snacks
– Private transportation


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