The International Scientific Conference: “Domes in the World”

Romualdo Del Bianco Vakfı, "Dünya'daki Kubbeler" konulu bilimsel konferansını 3 - 6 Kasım 2011 tarihleri arasında Floransa'da gerçekleştirecek.

Conceived by:
Romualdo Del Bianco Foundation, Florence
Promoted by:
Romualdo Del Bianco Foundation, Florence
University of Florence – Department of Architecture, Representation, History and Design
College of Engineers of Tuscany

The Romualdo Del Bianco Foundation has presented the idea of the International Congress “Domes in the World” on the Life Beyond Tourism® web site (

The promoters have received positive feedback evidencing a high level of interest on the topic not only among scientific experts and professionals, but also among enterprises and “non specialists”. In view of a wide attendance to the congress, the simultaneous translation in different languages is foreseen, as described below.

Preliminary Notes
Since its early appearances in Western European funeral buildings of the 6th and 5th millenary B. C., the dome has been widely adopted in architecture primarily for its symbolic reference to the celestial vault. Dome construction was then disseminated initially in the Eastern regions where it acquired civil and religious meanings. Later, as a result of Palladianism, they appeared in the New World and very New World (Australia), where they were built of earth or masonry, wood, steel, concrete or other materials, using a variety of building techniques from the simplest deducted from the imitation of nature, to the extremely sophisticated structural concepts. No other architectural element is so adept in resuming the building capability achieved by a civilization, stir up deep spatial emotions or, with its peculiar but various shapes, confer special features to a landscape hence attaining a universally intelligible value.

Working Languages of Oral Presentations
Simultaneous translation of oral presentations in different languages such Arabic, English, French, Italian, Russian and Spanish is planned so far. The languages will be confirmed according to the registration of participants from different countries.

Proceedings (ISBN, Digital System)
All the papers accepted by the Scientific Committee will be published in digital version.

Online Reproduction of the Congress
All the oral presentations given during the congress will be recorded and made available on line. The on line reproduction will provide also the slides shown during the talks. All slides must be provided in English.

Photographic Exhibition and Awards
A photographic exhibition with awards is being organized within the congress. It will focus on the theme: “The Domes in the Landscape, in the Skyline” (see “Call for Papers”).

Invitation letter
If you require an official letter of invitation in order to attend the congress, please write to the organizing secretariat at

Delegates from countries within the European Union / Schengen Area will only need a valid passport or ID to travel to Italy. All other delegates should contact the nearest Italian embassy or consulate for visa details

The organizers bear no responsibility for untoward events in connection with, before, during and after the congress. Participants are strongly advised to take out their own personal and travel insurance coverage.


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