Sergi: Urban Dialogue by Farrells

Uluslararası planlama ve mimarlık ofisi Farrels'in, "kentsel diyalog" bakış açısıyla geliştirdikleri kentsel tasarım projelerini sunacağı sergi Hong Kong'da The Fringe Club'da düzenleniyor.

Over the past 50 years, architect planners Farrells have developed a unique approach to urban design, creating an “urban dialogue” through immersion, observation and research to discover “what a place is telling you it wants to be”.

This exhibition focuses on some key examples of this “urban dialogue”. By using the designer’s most important tools – diagrams, moving images, and three-dimensional models – we are taken through the complex process of urban design. The selection of materials from some of their most celebrated projects offers insight into how these tools are used by Farrells to shape our urban spaces.


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