Peyzaj Mimarlığı Bölümü Güz Seminerleri 1: Meaningful Space

Dünyaca ünlü Hollandalı Peyzaj Mimarı Ludwijk Baljon 22 Eylül'de 12:30-13:30 saatleri arasında Taşkışla 109 nolu salonda "Meaningful Space" adlı bir seminer verecek.

The Concept of Landscape in Gardens and Urban Design

Landscape is the land that we create; a cultural phenomenon. Coming from the fine Dutch tradition of the man made environment means that Lodewijk Baljon has a positive, pro-active attitude towards the transformation of the landscape: one can create great landscapes, ranging from gardens to urban planning.

The lecture will show how the Concept of Landscape influences his design approach. How context, site, and program are analyzed, and developed in to design ideas. It will touch on the core of the design process: the concept. How a clear concept helps to create Meaningful Space: explanatory, expressive, and telling places.

The projects that will feature in the lecture range from the smallest scale to master planning. They will clarify the assertion that good design should address three major qualities:

Context: continuity of time and place, history and expressing the character of the region. It is all about cohesion in the landscape fabric (or in the urban fabric). By embedding design in a broader cultural context, landscape architecture can give a sense of place and a sense of time.

Comfort: shelter, orientation, organization of space.

Condition: fit, in form, in shape, sustainable, flexible.

In Lodewijk Baljon’s projects sustainable landscape architecture is all about design to last: creating an environment that serves many functionalities, is adaptable and is also aesthetically long-lasting.

His general attitude towards design is best expressed as: Optimistic Realism. For many, every man-made construction represents the destruction of nature and the landscape. As inspired landscape architect, Lodewijk Baljon sees problems as an opportunity to do things better. Reality is not an obstacle but rather a point of departure.

The lecture will show a broad range of projects, including typical Dutch large scale projects addressing climate adaptation and high water management of rivers. Other projects will show the role of landscape in urban planning (landscape urbanism).

In his 30 year career Lodewijk Baljon is combining research and practice, landscape architecture and urban planning, large scale and small projects. His firm, LODEWIJK BALJON landscape architects in Amsterdam works on projects in Europe and Korea.

In the broad range of projects Lodewijk Baljon works together with architects and artist, with technicians and manufacturers to create integral designs. In some collaborations the consortium is not only the contractor of the realization, but also for the maintenance for decades. This enables them to fully develop sustainable designs.

To achieve a real integral solution, Lodewijk Baljon designs in an analytical manner. This approach sounds theoretical, but it is combined with a keen interest in craftsmanship and artistic sense. This is the way to design meaningful space: expressive and telling.


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