Mesopotamia Social Forum

Mezopotamya Sosyal Forumu 20 - 25 Eylül 2011 tarihleri arasında Diyarbakır'da gerçekleşecek.

For humanity, against capitalism and exploitation: Freedom will prevail!

They are saluting resisting people of the Middle East and the World, Mesopotamia Social Forum is coming together again between 20-25th September 2011, in Amed (Diyarbakir). While the entire world is agitated politically, socially and morally, we would like to spread our voice in resistance and hear other voices. We would like to walk together.

In a period of people’s spring in the Middle East, while some governments collapse, some governments are becoming skilled. While colonialists kill humanity and nature with bombs, dams and drugs/pesticides, resisting people are protecting theirselves and creating the future. While colonialists monopolise and behave like a beast, opening war markets and serving “packaged futures” to the people, people are surviving their differences with respect and growing peace sprouts of honour.

While the states try to erase the history of the people, people and the seekers of truth are confronting the past, constructing the memories.

Mesopotamia Social Forum is calling for solidarity to make the alternatives of the people visible and merging their voices for Justice, Peace of honour and Freedom.

They are inviting all the oppressed and resisting people, people of the Middle East and the World to Mesopotamia Social Forum to stand against colonialist, oppressive and destructive powers.

Another mesopotamia is possible!

Thematical Axes:
1. Middle East, Rebellions and the future
2. Crisis of Civilization and Alternatives
3. Building Justice and peace against the power
4. Eternal Exile: refugees and immigration
5. Struggles for rigths – child rigths, water rigths, communication rigths, the rigth to health, rigths of nature, the rigths of elders etc.
6. Confrontation with the past and research processes for the truth
7. Ecological genocide
8. Culture-Culture Creators – Cultural genocide
9. Labor exploitation and quests
10. Women slaugther in the middle east and women liberation movements
11. Dynamics of change and transformation: the youth


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