MEDS Workshop: Istanbul 2011

Second MEDS workshop will be organised in Istanbul in August 2011.

Second MEDS workshop will be organised in Istanbul in August 2011. Capacity of this workshop will be 150 students. Projects, which students will send it till specified date, will be choosen by previous competition. Students will be accomodated in center of Istanbul, where also workshop will be held. All projects will be joined in one logical sense. For 10 days MEDS will be one part of Istanbul city. Workshop will start with conference and presentations of tutors. After seperating in groups, worhshop will start. Program of next days will be based on group working, improving project, developing the ideas and realization of project. Last day is finnishing day. Each group will present their work in public. At the end of presentations and open debate, MEDS team will announce location of next year event.
Istanbul is unordinary city with special characteristics. City positioned on two continents, city of different cultures, different religions, bosphorus and etc. If you want to be a tutor on MEDS Istanbul 2011 you should think about Istanbul. Think about geography, history, culture and religion.

The main thing to consider is relation between Europe and Asia.. Two different continents joined in one point. Think about Istanbul as an connection between them. Try to create bridge between Europe and Asia. Bridge as a relation of differences, similarities and specifies.

The other important thing is location. Projects will be placed on different points in Istanbul. Your idea should become practical and attractive propositions for users. Projects should be designed attractive as an object itself and it has to fit in specific place.

The workshop MEDSIstanbul2011 will take place in Istanbul on 7th-19th of August 2011.

Yes, there is a participation fee of 150€. For this price you get the accomodation and 2 meals per day (breakfast and dinner) for the time workshop lasts, all the materials and tools you need, entrances for lectures, some parties and many more.

Anybody can send application form. Meds team wil review all of them and make a decision based on projects you prepaired. Usualy there are limitations on how many participants can come from one country but everything depends on projects and number of persons who wish to aply. Every application form will be reviewed twice, first individualy and second as a part of the group project. All applyers will get conformation or rejection email with an explnation of decision.


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