Dört yılda bir farklı ülkelerde düzenlenen Avrupa Aydınlatma Konferansı (European Lighting Conference) aydınlatma konusunda yeni fikirleri yayılacağı ve sorunların tartışılabileceği bir platform yaratmayı amaçlıyor.

2013 yılında 12.’si düzenlenecek olan Avrupa Aydınlatma Konferansı Haziran ayında Polonya, Krakow’da yer alacak. 

The Polish Committee on Illumination

Cordially invites lighting specialists from Europe and other countriesto the 12th European Lighting Conference LUX EUROPA 2013.

We invite you to Krakow, the city of the tremendous historical and cultural heritage, situated practically in the centre of Europe, with convenient, direct air and rail connections with many European cities (other connections via Warsaw – train travel time 2:45 h).

The suggested time of the Conference – second half of June 2013 r. (Wednesday through Friday).

Krakow, the former capital of Poland, is a modern city with medieval centre, which remained relatively undamaged at the end of World War II. The city historic centre was inscribed by UNESCO on the list of World Heritage Sites as the first of its kind (in 1978). One of the oldest universities in the world – the Jagiellonian University was established here in 1364. Krakow has traditionally been one of the leading centres of Polish academic, cultural and artistic life, and is one of Poland’s most important economic centres.

Conference venues, numerous hotels of different categories, Opera House, Philharmonic Society, theatres, museums, stylish restaurants serving excellent dishes, bars, coffee rooms, confectioners etc. make the city an attractive place both for business and for tourism as well.Krakow is a city with good public lighting, modernised in the years 1995-2000, when over 100 000 fittings were replaced. 

Façades of many historical buildings are illuminated as well. The proposed conference venue as well as hotels offering accommodation for the participants, are situated close to the historic city centre (of the size 1 x 1,5 km). Therefore one can move freely around the city centre without using public transport (cars are prohibited in the city centre).

The Malopolska Region surrounding Krakow offers numerous tourist attractions. The medieval Wieliczka Salt Mine (also a UNESCO Cultural Heritage Site since 1978), attractive Jura mountain region at the North-West, with rocks, caves and castles, High Tatra Mountains situated 100 km South of Krakow, on both sides of Polish-Slovak border, and other mountain chains offer tourist attractions and opportunities for sports. The conference will provide an opportunity to visit the above mentioned or even more distant regions.

We hope, that Krakow will be your unforgettable experience and that you will try to visit it again.
We, the Polish lighting specialists, invite you to
LUX EUROPA to Krakow in 2013.


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