Learning Through the Physical Workplace Environment: Workspace Planning and Organizational Design

Koç Üniversitesi'nde "Design, Technology&Society" yüksek lisans ve doktora programları kapsamındaki projeler için 10 Aralık-6 Mayıs tarihleri arasında başvuru yapılabilir.

Investigator: Zeynep Hale Oner., PhD

In today’s workplace, all forms of leadership, decision making and communication is taking place in open medium. Matrix forms of organizational structures within a network based relationships are the common practices in organizations. Thus understanding of the relationship between organizational culture of organizations and architectural concern paying special attention to the interior design of the work environment and its relation to organizational branding, work efficiency and social responsibility is critical. Thus,the work space design embarks on a transforming role in the efficient and effective operating of the organization.As a summary, the main foci of this study :1. design and organisation of the work space (efficiency, psychological and social aspects as well as how it reflects the managerial organisation of that work space) 2. organisational design knowledge and skills in branding and use of human resources

Candidate profile: Architectural educational background coupled with design work experience.


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