İTÜ Architectural Design Computing Program Lecture Series: From Laptop to Rooftop

16 Nisan'da İTÜ Mimarlık Fakültesi bünyesinde Türk-Alman Bilim Yılı etkinlikleri kapsamında Tübitak desteği ile Bergischen Universität Wuppertal Mimarlık Fakültesi öğretim üyelerinden Steffen Riegas seminer verecek.

The talk will showcase the application of digital tools in the context of the architectural practice. The so called “digital-native” generation of architects, who have grown up with digital technologies and media are leaving universities and entering the profession. In the past decades more and more architects have been trained at universities not only in various software packages from within and without the building industry but also in writing and understanding code. Looking at the current way of operation and work patterns in the profession we see an enormous amount of the architectural works being done with extensive help of computers. From early sketch models, through drawings to visualizations and building component lists or time and cost-schedules. Even the field of model-making has been widely entered by digital tools and manufacturing processes in many architectural practices.

Steffen Riegas is an architect who has worked on the interface of architectural production and digital technologies in various offices in Europe. He has worked as a member of specialist groups at UNStudio, Amsterdam , Herzog & de Meuron, Basel and 3XN, Copenhagen. The talk will give an insight into the work of those “Digital Technologies Groups” and their contribution to the projects of larger office structures.


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