Interrogation 05: CLOG:BIG

Due to the rate at which information is spread digitally today an unprecedented amount of architectural imagery is available to the public, while the time available to actually digest any single work has been drastically reduced. CLOG is a new architectural publication that runs counter to this trend by focusing each issue on a single topic, examined from as many perspectives as possible. CLOG slows things down.

For its inaugural issue, CLOG focuses on BIG, a firm that keeps pace with the flow of online imagery, but which has largely been left unexamined. Bringing together contributors from backgrounds including art, architecture, criticism, journalism, parkour, engineering, comics, photography, philosophy, and more, CLOG : BIG presents the first holistic, critical examination of Bjarke Ingels and his firm.

Storefront for Art and Architecture will host CLOG and Bjarke Ingels in a Collective Interrogation on October 7, 2011, at 7 PM in order to foster an open cross examination of Bjarke Ingels Group (BIG)’s work. Following a brief introduction of CLOG : BIG, a series of interrogators will personally (or virtually) ask Bjarke Ingels previously selected questions.

The public is invited to submit questions to for Bjarke Ingels and his firm through October 1, 2011. A total of 10 questions will be selected by CLOG and SFAA for the discussion.

To submit a question the public should send an e-mail to with the question [200 words maximum], sender’s name and phone contact.


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