Interpretations: Promiscuous Encounters

Seminer, 23 Mart 2012'de New York'ta gerçekleşiyor.

Promiscuous Encounters has two main ambitions: first, to examine the fascinating blurriness and productive interplay between the critical, curatorial and conceptual capacities of architecture, including how and where they intersect and overlap and, second, to expand the definitions of what these terms mean in relation to theory and practice by reexamining the sites of criticality and their modes of operation. When and where, we might ask, is an architectural practice Critical, Curatorial or Conceptual today? Can we, or would we want to, separate these kinds of practices or are we subject to an inevitable and productive promiscuity?

Promiscuous Encounters will take the form of a day-long, roundtable seminar with invited speakers from multiple backgrounds to open discussion. The seminar is organized as two sessions, each one with four 10-minute presentations addressing a set of questions regarding the Critical, Curatorial and Conceptual in architecture. Everyone attending the event is invited to actively engage in the conversation. The seminar will not be video or audio recorded, however, everyone attending is encouraged to “record” their own interpretation of the Promiscuous Encounters via their notes, sketches, photographs or subsequent reflections. These interpretations will form the basis of a forthcoming printed publication of the event.

Greetings / Opening Remarks
Felicity D. Scott / Curatorial Team (Francisco Díaz, Nina Valerie Kolowratnik, Marcelo López- Dinardi, Marina Otero)

First Seminar Session
Keller Easterling / Andrés Jaque / Reinhold Martin / Pelin Tan
Moderated by Mark Wasiuta and the CCCP Class 2013

Coffee Break

Second Seminar Session
Joseph Grima / Markus Miessen / Rodrigo Tisi / Mitch McEwen
Moderated by Mark Wasiuta and the CCCP Class 2013


Andrés Jaque
Wood Auditorium

Final Discussion / Closing Remarks
Moderated by Felicity D. Scott
All participants on stage

Reception at Brownies

Curatorial Team:
Francisco Díaz, Nina Valerie Kolowratnik, Marcelo López-Dinardi, Marina Otero

Class 2013:
Allison Carafa, Francisco Díaz, Nina Kolowratnik, Jihoi Lee, Marcelo López-Dinardi, Jess Ngan, Helene Nguyen, Marina Otero Verzier, Sarah Rafson, Bonny Yau

Free and open to the public – limited seats
RSVP: [email protected]


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