Conversations: “EV-Ideas: The Gated Community as Virtual Space”

Conversations Seminerleri kapsamında Katharina Sucker tarafından gerçekleştirilecek olan “EV-Ideas: The Gated Community as Virtual Space" başlıklı konuşma Kadir Has Üniversitesi Cibali Kampüsü Galata Salonu’nda 18 Aralık 2014 saat 16.30’da.

Etkinlik dili İngilizce’dir.


Once a burning topicin urban research, the discourse of the gated community has been buried in oblivion. The gated community however cares little about the latest trends in academic knowledge production. It is still there. Interestingly often to claim that it is not what it used to be. New Avant-garde designs claim to amend segregation, propagate a return to urban life, and promise the real rather than the symbolic. But what has effectively changed since the gated community stood symbolic not just for a new elitism but also for new urban reality.

This presentation offers to frame the increasing loss of lasting habitability and the marketing–prone patchwork of urban images we encounter everywhere, as a process of virtualisation of the urban, an early reaction towards which thegated community has been a fragmentary analytical discourse. How do we define ‘home’ in the virtual city and how does the city change as a result of that? This question will be informed by a comparative study undertaken in several gated residential projects in Istanbul. The emphasis will be put upon the project of EVIDEA in Istanbul’s Ümraniye district.


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