Uluslararası seramik fayansve banyo mobilyaları sergisi Cersaie'nin bu 2011 yılı teması Seramiğin Evrimi olarak belirlendi.

Today more than ever before, innovation in the field of design and architecture is achieved not by major revolutions or radical statements but through concrete proposals that seek to transform our habitat while taking account of both the past and future. This is the certainly the case of the urban landscape, as we can see every day in our homes, in the collective spaces small and large where we spend many hours of our daily lives. Effective horizontal distribution and vertical landmarks are both necessary if we are not to lose our sense of orientation.

Ceramic materials play a key role in this evolutionary process that is taking place ever more rapidly while at the same time returning to the compositional languages of the past. Ceramic products are ubiquitous and are no longer limited to the most intimate spaces in the home. Like oversized Ariadne’s threads, we find them everywhere, sometimes camouflaged but always proud of their qualities. On the basis of these considerations, the image for the next Cersaie 2012 should explore the following concepts:

1) Ceramics everywhere.
2) From the home to the city.
3) Flexibility and camouflage.
4) Sustainability, given that ceramic is a material that is born from the earth and returns to the earth in an unending cycle.
5) Ceramic products have a strongly human value because even when mass produced they are capable of conveying personal human expression.

A concept capable of bringing together these values will be used as the institutional image for the Cersaie 2012 campaign.


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