Bauhaus Of The Seas Conference

Bauhaus of the Seas projesi etkinliklerinin bir parçası olarak Venedik Belediyesi ve Venedik Ca' Foscari Üniversitesi tarafından düzenlenen "Bauhaus Of The Seas Conference", 19-21 Eylül tarihleri arasında yapılacak.

Etkinliği çevrim içi takip etmek üzere buradan kayıt oluşturabilirsiniz. Etkinlik dili İngilizcedir.

Etkinliğin tanıtım metninden:

The Bauhaus of the Seas is divided into four main fields, or anchors, to be developed in different ways according to the peculiarities of the territories that will participate in the project and which will include:

  • recognizing the environment, by mapping and processing the flows of mineral, biological and human resources (transportation, communities, and migrations) that lead to the establishment of a digital basis for making decisions oriented towards sustainability;
  • reconciliation with the sea, through the reconstitution of a trans-geographic continuity among the natural terrestrial environment, historic cities, industrial areas and the marine environment;
  • reconnecting communities with their habitats and the different forms of material, ecological, aesthetic and cultural heritage, by generating and co-creating innovative ideas directed towards an idea of citizenship and entrepreneurship that is inclusive and open to the world;
  • renewing the work of artisans and artistic, technological and experiential practices

By pursuing these four anchors, the Bauhaus of the Seas movement intends to pursue the objectives of the New European Bauhaus, placing the creative development of those anchors at the service of sustainability, beauty, and inclusion.

The Bauhaus of the Seas will count on the participation of multi-disciplinary speakers, including Government representatives, Researchers, and Policymakers from the European Commission and member countries. The complete program is available on the conference’s website.

The 2nd Bauhaus of the Seas Conference is co-organized by the Municipality of Venice and Ca’ Foscari University of Venice, as part of the activities of the Bauhaus of the Seas project.



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