AYDA International XChange Webinar

Siritip Harntaweewongsa ve Suhasini Ayer-Guigan'ın konuşmacı olarak katılacağı "Breaking Down Sustainability for Early Career Practitioners" başlıklı webinar, 25 Kasım sabahı Türkiye saati ile 09:00'da yapılacak.

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Siritip Harntaweewongsa (Co-Founder and Executive Director, GreenDwell)

Siritip was inspired by the concepts of climate-responsive design since her study in architectural school at Chulalongkorn University, and that led her to pursue a graduate degree in Sustainable Design Technology at Texas A&M University in the US. She has worked in both architectural design and research-consulting field related to green building in the US and Hong Kong before coming back to Thailand to establish a sustainable design and consulting firm, GreenDwell, based in Bangkok, with the focus on design which enhances wellbeing through the integrated design process. She believes that spatial design has tremendous impacts on how people would experience their day and thus impacting their daily wellness; therefore, architectural quality can be truly evaluated not at the moment it is looked at, but rather, throughout the time spent in such space. Her design process integrates the use of environmental simulation tools on a day-to-day basis to explore and verify design concepts. As a LEED and TREES accredited professional, she also works as a green building consultant for buildings to be certified under LEED or TREES Green Building rating systems. Siritip is a visiting professor for Tropical Architectural Design, Sustainable Design Studio, and Building Simulation for leading universities and organizations. Her teaching emphasizes the integration of sustainability consideration in the architectural design process and how they can enhance people’s wellbeing while also reducing negative impacts on the environment.

Suhasini Ayer-Guigan (Principal Architect, Auroville Design – Center for Scientific Research)
Suhasini is a graduate of ‘Delhi School of Planning and Architecture’; living in Auroville since 1985 and one of the co-founders of the Auroville Centre for Scientific Research; an organisation dedicated to research and experimentation in the field of appropriate building materials and technologies, water management, renewable energy and solar passive, climatic architecture and sustainable urban planning. As head of the Auroville Design Consultants, the Planning and Design wing of this organization, she has designed and implemented over 50+ projects in India in the last 25+ years. She was co-recipient of the Hassan Fathy Award for ‘Architecture for the Poor’ in 1992, co-nominated for the Aga Khan in 1992 and recipient of the Design Share Award for educational buildings in 2003 and 2005. Her recent accolades include the 2020 Green Architecture Award (India) and the 2019 A1 Continental Architectural Awards (Asia/Oceania).


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