AESOP 16th Young Academics Conference

Orta Doğu Teknik Üniversitesi (ODTÜ) ve Yıldız Teknik Üniversitesi (YTÜ) Şehir ve Bölge Planlama Bölümleri tarafından ortaklaşa organize edilen “AESOP 16th Young Academics Conference” 5-8 Nisan 2022 tarihleri arasında İstanbul’da gerçekleşecek. Özet gönderimi için son tarih 15 Kasım 2021.

Konferans Takvimi

  • Özetler için Son Gönderim Tarihi: 15 Kasım 2021
  • Özet Kabul Bildirimi: 15 Aralık 2021
  • Tam Metin Son Gönderim Tarihi: 15 Şubat 2021
  • Konferans: 5-8 Nisan 2022

Çağrı Metninden (EN)

As The Local Organizing Committee and the YA Coordination Team, we invite young researchers, academics, and practitioners from all relevant disciplines to 16th Young Academics Conference that will be held in collaboration with Middle East Technical University and Yildiz Technical University in Istanbul, Turkey. The conference theme for this year is “In Search Of Well-Being in Liminality: No Longer-Not Yet”.

Nowadays, cities are facing many situations such as climate change, technological transformations, population movements, economic crises, pandemics, and so on. It is an urgent necessity to cope with and adapt to these expected or unexpected situations. This process, in which traditional facts become dysfunctional and classical methods remain insufficient, brings the need to reconsider cities and planning discipline with creative and innovative approaches. Understanding cities and dealing with planning approaches with the interdisciplinary perspective of young researchers become essential in this context.

This conference aims to discuss how ‘well-being’ can be achieved for the whole society with a comprehensive and holistic perspective under the liminal and uncertain conditions that cities experience. In this regard, we welcome papers with a conceptual, constructive, empirical, experimental, or theoretical framework in all areas and different scales of city and regional planning and urban studies. These debates are handled in different contexts in cities and regions in different geographies of the world. Thus, young scholars are expected to investigate the concepts of cities not only for the Global North but also for the Global South.

This conference is a four-day event that contains five keynote talks (Ali Madanipour, Angela Colucci, Giancarlo Cotella, Jan Rath, Müge Akkar Ercan), parallel sessions for young academics to present their research, workshops, and field trips. Five proposed track sessions are:

  1. Contemporary Issues in Planning Approaches,
  2. Emerging Global Crises: Towards Sustainable and Resilient Cities,
  3. In Search of Inclusiveness for Socio-Spatial Justice,
  4. Bridging Past and Present to Future: Heritage and Beyond,
  5. Re-interpreting Publicness in Everyday Life.

Detaylı bilgi için organizasyonun web sitesini inceleyebilir, sorularınızı [email protected] üzerinden iletebilirsiniz.


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