Tripoli Convention Hall

Tripoli Convention Hall

Tripoli Convention Hall signifies the spirit of its homeland and claims to establish a physical relation with the global community.

As an outcome of intensive urban and architectural movement in Libya, new innovative and prestigious buildings in Tripoli started to signify the power and contemporary style.

Open to the world cultures and where diverse languages meet up, the Convention Hall is a strong element of high representation and welcome presidents of the world in the texture of the natural environment and as a source of pride for the nation it represents.

Surrounded by the woods, the rectangular two-storey ‘block’ is nested in a metal envelop that opens up to the external landscape with a wide portico that defines the main entrance.

A semi-transparent perimeter “shield” of designed bronze mesh application flows around the building, protecting the inner glass walls; an 8 meter corridor encircles all three sides; the main building is flanked by a 4-meter wide reflection pool and another 4 meter is left as a semi-open shady circulation area. The metal mesh walls carry incise patterns that are inspired by the trees that surround the site, permitting controlled daylight to diffuse into the central space.

The facade texture is to change in every direction with the orientation of the building and depending on its relation with the exterior and preserve the harmony with the adjacent grove. The texture is visually an extension of the tree branches as a complementary of the woodland. When the building interior is lighted at night, permeating through the façade, the oozing beams through the slits integrate with the wood at the background.

An understanding of contemporary architecture is proposed for the building which is supported by all means of technological infrastructure. Align with its function as a meeting place for the presidents of the world, the building is strong yet symbolizes to be humble; it is simple but functional and finds its expression in clarity and sincerity. It is in harmony with the environment and makes optimum use of natural resources such as daylight, the greenery and water elements.


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