SNCF Rail Operating Center (SCAPE Architecture)

SNCF Rail Operating Center (SCAPE Architecture)

SCAPE Architecture, led by Ludovica Di Falco, has completed the new SNCF (Société Nationale des Chemins de fer Français) Rail Operating Center in Pantin, north-east of Paris. A new type of building: a logistic facility in the very heart of the city and a Campus for the SNCF.

Winner of an invitation competition in 2015, the building firmly asserts its presence in the urban area. Inside, the building is animated by a sequence of patios, logistic areas, roof gardens, offices and, of course, the main areas related to the rail operations. Two golden-mesh buildings emerge from the dark stone wall creating a visual landmark, day and night. Programmatically introverted, the Control Center by SCAPE has been designed to guard its spaces from glances and noises. Placed inside the railroad tracks, the stone patterns of the facades and the abstract paths in the garden above the control rooms reference the infrastructural context the building is part of. From inside these halls, the traffic of a large portion of the Île-de-France regional and national rail transport network is monitored.

After the projects ZAC des Batignolles and Porte des Lilas and other achievements that have earned unanimous international appreciation, SCAPE is once again proving its commitment to large-scale urban interventions.


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