Development of a 110 square meters loft in a raw space in Montreuil. The apartment is articulated on two floors revolving around a patio: day part on the ground floor and night upstairs.

This project aims to offer the apartment a functional core, point of attraction echoing the patio for this mono oriented and focused space.

This core fulfills the roles of staircase, library and living room: functions that intertwine and dissolve. The heavy steel staircase floats on a base which becomes a bench seat and extends to the ground. The library slides around the stairs, becomes a bench and extends upstairs

This green screw will distribute light, spaces and materials throughout the apartment.

The use of reflective or polished materials as well as the presence of a mirror multiplies the arrival of light.

The transition between the interior and exterior spaces is blurring: the patio invades the entire space on
the ground floor.


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