Shortlisted (caps. & BEOFFICE), Aim for the Sky: The Buffalo Skyway Corridor Competition

Shortlisted (caps. & BEOFFICE), Aim for the Sky: The Buffalo Skyway Corridor Competition

Ağustos ayında düzenlenen Buffalo Skyway Corridor Yarışması’na yüzden fazla ekip katıldı. Yarışmada Caps. ve BEOFFICE’in ortaklığında hazırlanan REC - Customize Your Experience isimli proje kısa listeye girmeye hak kazanarak ilk 16 projeden biri olarak açıklandı.

We seek an answer to a very basic question: how should this area be transformed? We brainstorm the alternative parameters to develop our concept. In this context, to ensure the economic, sociological, ecological and technological development of the project site, the global trends and parameters are analyzed. We believe that the potentials of the Skyway corridor can only be sustained by strengthening the value of the space and its relations with its environment through flexible and sustainable design solutions.

Within this context, the Buffalo skyway should be designed holistically to elaborate contemporary approaches, integrate the latest technologies and preserve the site’s unique cultural and natural values as well as Buffalo identity. Today, the contribution of technology, social media, and movie industry are inevitable in the physical, social and economic development of cities.

This trend will most likely continue with greater intensity in the future. While physical experience is at the forefront of the existing open space design, the experiences begin to digitize beyond the physical with the increasing use of the internet and social media tools and platforms. Subjects such as content production, creating memories, and making experiences permanent began to change people’s routines. With this new trend, providing a digital experience integrated with the physical experience of people proposes unlimited possibilities. This experience can be personalized and enriched based on the individual’s creativity. Therefore, our proposal goes beyond proposing merely the transformation of the existing road structure to a green space project. We propose a new landscape and urban design approach that integrates digital technologies into placemaking.

Traditional open and green space experience is solid, defined and mostly physical. By incorporating innovation and technology in the design, the defined borders can be flexible, fluvial and variable. Thus, space can offer unlimited experience based on people’s imagination.

Skyway was part of the urban silhouette of Buffalo for a long time. It eventually became a part of the image of the coastal front. We believe that the Skywalk holds great potential in this aspect. The skywalk creates two planes, the ground plane of the terrestrial and riparian landscapes and the elevated plane of the existing road structure. The space in between these planes proposes exciting opportunities for new programs, thus creating a new landmark for Buffalo.

The concept of the proposed project is shaped by a compact helix of three notions-Recreation, Experience, and Circulation- along the Skywalk corridor, thus creating the REC. The REC also comes from “Recording”. The REC proposes a new place experience where people capture the moment, record it, produces it, and live in it. The old highway structure will be transformed into a public space where people will come here to enjoy technology-oriented programs and to involve in interactive production platforms. With the green screen areas and green boxes located along the skywalk corridor, users will create their memories with new content and memo fragments. A level of production is proposed,


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