Casting – Back

Project report:

It’s been long, we are home and we are bored. With the sense of no productivity and the energy of zero creativity, I accidentally turn the flashlight of my phone while taking a break of some serious Instagram scrolling.

I needed air so I opened my window, the sky was near me, the neighbor building was closer. The old lady standing on her balcony opposite me, looked at me with questioning eyes. Was I breaking an isolation restriction? Hope not. She started laughing out of nowhere, I started laughing over her. She pointed at my phone. There was the reason. Apparently, I was making some funky shapes below my window with my flashlight and she realized it meanwhile not even a bird was flying above our street. People on other flats went outside their windows wondering the reason for the laughter. Realizing my flashlight, everyone else turns on their torches. And this was that, here we were bonding, staying in. This turned into a game -a collective story-making- of our neighborhood.

For tonight’s daily meeting, we set up a theme. We put some shapes before our flashlights and cast varied custom shaped shadows. It was fun but it was somehow deep too. By circumstances, we all have to stay home, to keep the presence of our health but to waive the presence of our physical being outside our homes. The only observable physicality of us turned into the shapes we cast on each other’s homes. It sounded dark yes, but it is not that, this is the way we keep interact, imagine, laugh, create, and remember each other for the time being. These days will pass and we will remain neighbors remembering how we been there for all of us. This is all I say, for now, stay in, cast shadows and have fun with the neighbors.

To play, you need:

• a neighbor building or s surface which is observable for you and your neighbors
• flashlight
• an object that you can cast its shadow


Arın Aydın IG @arnaydn
İpek Temizkan IG @aroundthewilkymay
Naz Nar IG @_naznar


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