Amager Bio and ZeBU Theater

Amager Bio and ZeBU Theater

Amager Bio and ZeBU Theater, two important and historical venues of the Copenhagen cultural scene, were renovated by EFFEKT Architects.

Amager Bio and ZeBU theater are two historical and well-established venues in the Copenhagen cultural scene and represent a reference point for concerts and events in the Amager neighborhood.

The outdated foyer facilities of both venues no longer responded to the needs of contemporary events and audiences and the accesses of international scale.

The new extension foyer building improves the access to the facilities and services for both audiences and artists, providing a comfortable, flexible and multifunctional space that can be used by a wide range of users for different types of events and creates a new synergy between Amager Bio and ZeBU.

Cladded in a smooth anodized aluminum façade, the new volume has a distinctive appearance that is easy to recognize and invites the guests towards the entrance.

In the interiors, the reorganization and optimization of Amager Bio allowed targeting bigger events by increasing the capacity of the venue from 1100 to 1400 spectators.


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