London Design Festival

Festival, 14-23 Eylül 2012 tarihleri arasında Londra'da gerçekleşiyor.

Over ten days in September, the London Design Festival will feature hundreds of events that take place across London, showcasing the city’s pivotal role in global design. We’ll be making announcements about the next Festival (14 – 23 September) on May 25 2012.

A centerpiece of the Festival is our commissions, the Landmark Projects, created with the help of our generous supporters. For the Landmark Projects we commission some of the world’s greatest architects and designers to create pieces of work in some of London’s best-loved public spaces.

And then there are the Partner events; if anything is evidence of this city’s vitality, it’s the sheer scope and quality of the Festival events programmed by our Partners. From established businesses to emerging practies, from entrepreneurs to educators, from manufacturers to retailers, our Partners represent the heart of London’s design culture.

The Festival is both a cultural and a commercial event. The programme ranges from major international exhibitions to trade events, installations to talks and seminars, from product launches to receptions, private views and parties. The majority of events are free of charge – enabling visitors to participate, listen, learn, commission and make purchases.

The Festival is funded through a combination of public and private sources. The Mayor Of London’s office provides grant funding for the Festival; Arts Council England have been long term supporters of the Festival. Private funding (approx 60%) is raised through sponsorship of Festival projects alongside a small range of London Design Festival products and services delivered throughout the year.

Festival audiences are significant, with an estimated 350,000 direct visitors to events listed as part of the Festival in 2011. Visitors tend to be from four broad groups: the public, design professionals, students and overseas visitors – plus we had journalists arriving from over 25 countries to see what we had on offer. And they like what they see: 94% of visitors said what they saw last year by the 242 organisations that took part either “good” or “very good”. The Festival also attracts substantial press coverage, with 1,811 articles about the Festival appearing worldwide.

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