UIA World Congress 2023 Copenhagen

Bu yıl 28.si düzenlenecek olan UIA World Congress, 2-6 Temmuz 2023 tarihleri arasında Kopenhag'da gerçekleşecek.

Our goal is to promote, discuss, create and showcase architecture as a vital tool to achieve the UN 17 Sustainable Development Goals by 2030. We will share sustainable solutions, examine the latest research results and join our efforts to make the 28th UIA World Congress a milestone in the history of what architecture can do to help save the planet.

In this sense, the UIA World Congress of Architects in 2023 has already begun, and you are invited to join us in Copenhagen, July 2-6 in 2023.

Sign ups for the UIA World Congress 2023 will begin autumn 2022. You can sign up to newsletter and get all relevant information for the congress.

Under the heading “Sustainable Futures – Leave No One Behind”, UIA World Congress 2023 invites architects and professionals from the building and planning communities to join us in Copenhagen to back the UN 17 Sustainable Goals, to innovate and discover sustainable solutions, and to enable a leap forward towards accomplishing the goals by 2030.



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