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3. Mansiyon, Bandırma Tasarım Parkı Yarışması

3. Mansiyon, Bandırma Tasarım Parkı Yarışması

14 Mart 2017, 10:35
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Mimari Açıklama Raporu (İngilizce):


No matter on which scale – from designing cities to designing chairs - understanding and optimizing the life cycle of materials increasingly becomes the primary condition for any design. Bandırma Park brings the designer in close contact with the full life cycle of materials. The park is a productive landscape, in which the designer takes part and the park visitor enjoys both the natural landscape and the activities of the design institute.

The central strip is the heart of the park and forms a grand square in front of the design institute. It ends in a roof terrace overlooking the Sea of Marmara and Bandırma and sets a clear visual relation between city, port, sea and campus. The strip organizes the activities of the design institute and at the same time it's suitable for large events, like a design biennale, a film festival or an art fair.

The design institute unties with a single gesture of one volume what used to be a series of individual barracks into one collective element. Former interiors are inverted to form exterior gardens for the institute.

The productive landscape 'feeds' the strip and its adjacent buildings in three ways: by producing fuel, food and organic raw material. The production fields are carefully placed in the natural landscape. The contours of the former army base are marked by a quiet walking route, connecting view towers, viewpoints on the surrounding landscape, ecological spaces and new gardens. In this way the ridge path turns into an attractive sequence of intimate and open moments. The new buildings connect to the ridge, without exceeding the height of it. Located on the slopes, they don't block the views but and add new viewpoints and gardens. All together, these layers create space for the long view.


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